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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Yoga Live

Yoga is an ancient eastern exercise and fitness routine that’s been used for thousands of years. However many people feel yoga isn’t a “young persons” exercise. If that’s a belief you share then you probably haven’t seen Yoga Live from music producer Russell Simmons. Russell is most well known for bring rap and hip hop music out of the fringe and into mainstream culture. What you may not know is Russell has also been practicing yoga for over 10 years. With Yoga Live he’s looking to do the same for Yoga. Russell has produced a four series exercise video suite with three different fitness instructors, Sara Ivanhoe, Elana Brower, and Jeffery Cohen are each trained exercise instructors with successful Yoga practices, who guide you through the series of exercise videos. What makes this series of yoga videos different from those that came before it is the music, and energy. A lot of effort has gone into updating these moves and choreographing the high energy pop and dance music to make it more fun and exciting. Initial reviews are very good and the series is getting high marks from consumers who have tried the tapes.

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