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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet is a program that teaches you how to lose weight by eating meals that are balanced in regards to carbohydrates (40%), fats (30%) and proteins (30%). The Zone Diet will create a hormonal balance in your body, while also controlling your body’s insulin production.

The Zone plan focuses on low carb eating, an encourages your meals to contain fresh vegetables, low-fat proteins, fruits, nuts and eight glasses of water each day. The Zone Diet recommends not eating processed foods, or foods containing saturated fats. When you go on the Zone Diet Plan, you will experience the weight loss you are looking for, along with overall improved health. This diet plan is recommended for persons with high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health problems.

The Zone Diet will help you create meal plans with daily calorie consumption levels based on your sex. Women on the Zone should consume 1100-1200 calories each day, while men will consume 1400-1600 calories. If you follow the food plan with the proper food ratios, you will enjoy greater energy levels, while losing weight. Your body will learn to control its insulin levels and you overall health will be greatly improved.

The Zone Diet is more than just a diet – it is a complete lifestyle change. The Zone does not forbid any foods – it is just a matter of following the food ratios, and timing your meals to keep your blood sugar regulated. With the Zone Diet, you will see the changes you are looking for!

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